Fenugreek Seeds

What are fenugreek seeds? Fenugreek is considered one of the oldest medicinal plants, and its health-promoting properties have been cited in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. This interesting herb is native to the Mediterranean region, North Africa and India, however, today spread to the rest of the world. Fenugreek seeds are particularly popular and …

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Stinging Nettles

Nettles, Your Spring Friend One of the first signs of spring is when nettles appear. They are full of vitamins and minerals, help detoxify the body, and protect the liver against damage by toxins, heavy metals and inflammation. People have been gathering and eating stinging nettles for generations upon generations. Instead of shopping for spring …

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Using Psyllium Husk and Bentonite Clay, the “Masters of Intestinal Cleansing”

One of the epidemics of our current culture is a sluggish, under-active colon. Do to over processed foods, overeating, too much animal consumption, and a lack of fiber in our modern diet, many of us have bowels that aren’t working at their peak performance. What is Plyllium Husk and Bentonite Clay? Psyllium husk comes from …

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Spirulina and Chlorella – The Ultimate Detox Supplements

What is Spirulina and Chlorella? These two powerful superfoods have been increasingly popular in recent years. Spirulina and Chlorella are forms of blue green micro-algae that are highly nutritious and safe to eat for most people. You can take both of these green superfoods in capsule or powder form. Benefits of Spirulina and Chlorella Both …

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fall detox

Why detox in the Fall?

Support your body with a seasonal detox plan Our bodies naturally respond to the changing seasons. By supporting our bodies with cleansing, seasonal foods during this time, we can achieve better health and avoid winter illness. Cleansing is the oldest form of natural healing. Therapies involving food and fasting are known as preventative medicine, or …

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