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Homemade Duck Fat Mayo

Healthy Calories Here is a special treat for the winter season, and for those needing some healthy calories in their diet. Like pregnant women and growing children for example. But of course there is always a good reason to consume some healthy homemade mayonnaise for anyone. Ingredients: Directions: Mix all …

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Warming Foods for the Winter Season

The Energy of Foods In our western world we assess food based on its nutritional value; how much protein, fat and calories it contains. In Chinese medicine, food is considered based on its energetic properties and how these affect the body. Foods are classified as either heating, cooling, drying or …

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Why Soak or Ferment Whole Grains?

Traditional Societies and the Lost Art of Grain Processing There is a big difference between the way our ancestors consumed whole grains and the way we do in our modern world. Flour wasn’t always available pre-ground by the bag full at the grocery stores. Grains were ground by hand, then …

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