Spring cleaning your body, mind and environment!

During the month of April I like to focus on spring cleaning my life, my body and my environment. Spring is about movement, growth and regeneration, therefore, the best time to shed the excess stuff we tend to collect. Start fresh and ride this spring energy of renewal.

Spring Cleanse Your Body

There are many ways to cleanse the body. For some of us just cutting out processed sugar is a big deal and might be enough to start. Some of you might want to cut out flour products and gluten, alcohol, coffee, dairy, or animal products. You can follow your unique program for a week or two or a whole month. It is really up to you what calls you, and what your body needs. Weather your goal is to reduce sugar, alcohol or coffee consumption this is the best time to go about your spring goals and follow some kind of seasonal detox regiment.

Check out my guided Seasonal Spring Detox Program

Spring Cleanse Your Mind

One of the best mind cleaning practices I like to incorporate is spending more time in nature. Walk to the river, go mushroom hunting or gear up for long day hike with friends or your dog. And of course turn your phone off and only use it if you have an emergency! This is a great time to start a vegetable garden, get dirty with some outdoor work. Stop watching TV at night, read a book or write a journal instead.

Spring cleaning your mind is similar in practice to spring cleaning your house: getting rid of things that are holding your back for example. Make a list of things you want to let go and create another list of your values you want to hold close to your heart.

Spring Cleanse Your Environment

Can you live as a minimalist? I am a very organized person, like to have my space clutter-free but at the same time I still love my “stuff”! For most of us letting go of our “stuff” is challenging. I am talking about your overstuffed closet, office desk, your bedroom, your garage and your storage space that you haven’t even looked at for years.

Choose your space and make a plan. What can you de-clutter and let go? Trash or donate your unused stuff! You don’t need your stuff to remember someone or something. It will feel liberating to regain your space. And if you have some valuables you don’t love or need, sell them! Once you let go everything you don’t need, now organize your remaining stuff and place them where they belong.

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity for you to rethink your priorities, get motivated, loose the winter weight and start fresh. What are your personal needs (hobbies, self-care route, passions), who are the people you feel empowered by (family, friends, your community)?

Aim for balance and happiness!



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