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My mission is to help you learn to listen to your body and live healthier, without going on restrictive and confusing diet plans

Hi, I'm Katalin Morocza

I am the founder of Life the Healthy Way, a Holistic health coaching practice based in northern California.

I am interested in educating people about how to live long vibrant lives and age the healthy way while maintaining a connection with their bodies and nature’s cycles. My philosophy combines traditional wisdom with modern science, focusing on disease prevention and sustainable living. I have a passion for natural living, gardening, making skincare products, cooking, traveling and learning about different cultures.

I studied nutrition at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, the only nutrition school that integrates all different dietary theories. Following that, I have been conducting a private health counseling practice since 2006. I began my practice in New York City –  consulting with clients, offering healthy cooking classes, guiding detox groups and leading corporate wellness events. I am also a certified holistic health counselor accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


To cook, eat , laugh and tell stories together is what gives meaning to my life. Community to me is about sharing ideas and support each other.


Creating the healthiest most purposeful life is very important to me. I believe we deserve to have a long and happy journey in this planet.


I follow my passion and I am committed to inspire and educate others to change in positive ways.

My personal story of digestion issues and obsessively detoxing

When I was in my early 20’s I started to realize that my body’s response to the foods I was eating was not normal. My stomach would get bloated every time I ate. I was also suffering from skin rashes and mysterious hives that would disappear as quickly as they appeared. I had difficulty getting my morning started, snoozing my alarm clock over and over. I looked tired with dark circles under my eyes. I would convince myself that these dark circles were normal, must simply be my genetics.

This was when I started to experiment with different detox programs. At first, I tried every detox program I could find. From raw food diets to an extreme 21 day liquid fasting program. I experimented with water fasting, supplements, and colon cleansing regimens. My body responded well! The dark circles under my eyes faded, my nails became strong and healthy, my digestion improved, my sleep was better. I was learning to really listen to my body! I was starting to pay attention to which foods made me feel good and which foods did not. I felt like a new person. But I became obsessed with detoxing.

I started to detox more often and for longer periods of time. The more extreme programs I followed the more skinny and weak I became. I could not gain weight, I became anemic, and I developed severe sugar cravings. What began as an incredible healing journey for my body eventually worked against me. I was pushing my body too hard and restricting my diet for too long.

In my 20 years of experience with my own personal detox programs, and through my experience working with my clients, I have gained knowledge and a clear understanding of how to detox the body in a safe and gentle way. Sometimes less is more. We are all very different. Our bodies have different needs.

The key is to listen to what our bodies are telling us

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