All About Sugar, Cravings, and Emotional Eating

Welcome to February

All About Sugar

As we approach the end of the winter season with extra self-care and slowing down, we might also face one of the biggest comfort food challenges of our diet. Sweet cravings! What’s up with sugar? It is one of the most addictive food substances of our modern world. Why is it so problematic?

How do we deal with our addiction and sugar cravings? How do we get back on track after the long winter months, and create balance again? We will talk about all topics of sugar, natural sweeteners, recipes to balance the body, and solutions to get off the sugar rollercoaster.

Your “Self-Work” for this month:

  • Keep a food diary daily. Use the “Food Journaling” handout provided or have your own notebook just for this purpose. Write daily following the instructions on the handout.
  • Do you have a sugar addiction? What kind of foods do you crave?
  • Try sweet vegetables as one of your actions plans, in order dealing with sugar addiction. 
  • Eliminate artificial sweeteners from your diet, use natural sweeteners instead. Which one is your favorite? 
  • Do the “breakfast experiment” and find out which kind of breakfast will give you the most stable energy for the day.
  • Invest in a tongue scraper and use it after each meal.
  • Check out the recipes for “guilt-free desserts”.

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You can have sweet potatoes and yams. But no white or yellow potatoes, including Russet, Yukon gold, red, and purple potatoes.

Yes mushrooms are ok for day 1&2. And even for day 3&4. From day 5 stop eating mushrooms since we are switching to a raw food diet.

Yes. But from day 3 please no more nut or  oat milk of any kind. It is best to stay away from all kind of pre-packaged food during this program.

You can drink green tea during day 1,2,3 and 4. But limit to 1 cup a day. No more green tea from day 5!

Its ok for day 1&2. From day 3 – No. We are focusing on local, seasonal produce during this program. Avocadoes are high in fat (in good fats, however, its not suitable for this program) and it’s not a local, seasonal fruit for most of us. They are in season from May to August in the U.S. and November to April in Mexico. Not a spring food!

Probiotic Beet Tonic: from Day 3 – 10

Vegetable broth: from Day 5 – 8

Liver Flush Drink: from Day 5 – 9

Bentonite Clay/Psyllium Husk Drink: from Day 5 – 9

Laxative Tea: from Day 5 – 9