Fire Cider Recipe

Support your body with a cold and flu remedy; Fire cider recipe!

This is a great recipe to make in the fall just before winter begins, or also in the spring to support your immune system. Take a tablespoon of fire cider daily during cold and flu season to ward off potential illness. If already sick, up the dosage as needed.


1 cup yellow onion, chopped

½ cup fresh gingerroot, grated

½ cup fresh horseradish root, grated

½ cup fresh turmeric root, grated (or use 1 Tbs. ground turmeric)

8-10 cloves garlic, minced

1-2 jalapenos or any other hot pepper, thinly sliced

1 orange, zested and juiced

¼ tsp. ground cayenne pepper

One handful of fresh rosemary, thyme, or oregano (or use 2 Tbs. dried herbs)

About 4 cups organic apple-cider vinegar, unfiltered

¼ cup raw honey


  1. Layer all the ingredients in a clean, 1-quart sized mason jar (or similar size glass jar), except for the vinegar and honey. Press gently to allow for at least 1 inch of space at the top of the jar.
  2. Slowly pour vinegar over the ingredients in the jar, allowing air bubbles to emerge to the surface, until the vinegar reaches the lip of the jar.
  3. Cut a square of parchment paper to cover the opening of the jar and screw on the lid. Give the jar a shake, and set in a cool, dark place. Shake it once every day or two (or whenever you remember!).
  4. Let it infuse for 3-4 weeks, strain through a fine mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth. Stir in the honey. Store in a clean bottle with a lid in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator.
  5. Enjoy a tablespoon once a day, or add into drinks, salad dressing, or teas.

Some fun additional ingredients to try:

dried elderberries

hibiscus flowers

star anise

burdock root


black peppercorns

adaptogens (ashwaganda, astragalus, reishi or chaga mushrooms)

Seasonal tip:

In spring add spring plants like burdock roots and in fall add adaptogens like astragalus roots, Reishi or Chaga mushrooms.



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